Recapping Sales Hacker Conference 2014

 Sales Hacker Conference

PipelineDeals recently sponsored Sales Hacker Conference in NYC, a high-powered meetup designed to accelerate sales. Sales Hacker brought together top sales execs to share their insights and sales hacks to grow quickly and sustainably. Everything covered at the conference was designed to be immediately actionable, and attendees varied from start-ups to well-established businesses.

In addition to sponsoring the event, PipelineDeals also live-blogged the speakers. We’re happy to share all of this content with you below (and there was a LOT of great content), but we want to highlight a few posts that we think you’ll find particularly interesting.

 Network with other sales professionals. 

Do you enjoy going to local meetups on sales or attending sales conferences? What sales conferences do you get the most out of? What topics do you wish you could hear more of? Let us know at




Links to other speakers are available below:



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