5 Ways the Top Salespeople are Hacking Sales

PipelineDeals is featuring a blog post by Craig Rosenberg, CEO of Topo, entitled 5 Ways the Top Salespeople are Hacking Sales.

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This session is titled 5 Ways the Top Salespeople are Hacking Sales by Craig Rosenberg, CEO of Topo.

1. Extreme Personalization:

Today’s buyer has one simple requirement – to understand and know the business they are interested in working with. In order to stand out when you contact a prospect, your ideas need to be customized to your prospect’s needs.

Extreme personalization is important for everyone from small businesses to enterprise companies. If you want to break into big companies you need to be highly personal and targeted. For example – I worked with an SDR that was looking to get in contact with Howard Schultz at Starbucks. They had to focus on bullet points that we’re highly customized and specific to Howard.

A few different tips:

  • Personalize your message so that your recipient knows you’ve thought about their business and their needs.

  • Do your research and speak to something specific that your target has done.

  • Reference what you’ve learned about your prospect, and relate it back to yourself.

2. Differentiate With Visual Content:

Some examples include:

  • Outbound GIF Play (P.S. Puppies work) – Embedding GIFs in emails can work in certain contexts. It is important to focus on key areas like college, hobbies, puppies, etc. Note – this is best for social media managers, marketing, PR, etc. Don’t send GIFs to digital security officers. Know your audience and use this method when appropriate.

  • Personalized, Customized Explainer Video – personalize an explainer video of what you do with your value proposition. Try using Switch Merge to make these types of videos highly personalized and customized.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd With the Offline Touch:

If you want to engage with someone, sometimes it helps to go retro and raise awareness offline. I received running shoes from Infer, and I still remember how impactful that was.

Prospecting Offline Play:

  • Score the account/contact for demographic fit (it has to be worth it).

  • In between digital and voice touches, send memorable offline touch focusing on fun or education.

  • Require a signature.

4. Get to Decision Makers With the High-Low Play (pt. 1)

In general, the people who download content on your websites are generally not the decision maker (unless you’re working with small businesses).

Pre-First Touch High-Low Play

  • Again, score the account/contact for demographic fit to make sure it is worth it.

  • Before your first touch, identify 2-3 contacts who could be your “champion.”

  • Contact them and work through them to understand the decision makers.

5. Get to Decision Makers With the High-Low Play (pt. 2)

In order to initiate your high-low play, you need to help the person who downloaded your content get in touch with the decision maker. Here’s a strategy:

-Gather a simple data set (4 or 5 pieces of data)

-Develop a strategic presentation or content asset

-Request a meeting with executives for delivery

-Deliver benchmarks by salesperson or strategists (even if you can’t get the executive meeting, you will have customized content for your champion to deliver for you).

-Empower your champion to get in touch with your contact.

Make it easy for your champion to be successful!


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