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Have you ever wanted to know all your contacts who have an email address?

Have you ever wanted to know all your contacts who have an email address? Need to compare all the deals in your account from Colorado created in the last sixty days?

At PipelineDeals, we know that you need sophisticated search options to perform timely follow-up with your contacts and stay on top of your deals pipeline. Below are some tips about less well-known search features in PipelineDeals to help you search like a pro!

Global Search Bar – Search By Email Address or Phone Number

The Global Search Bar is a great way to search for a specific deal, person or company, but did you know you can use Global search to search by email address or phone number? Simply type in an email address or phone number, and PipelineDeals will find the matching record in your account. Use this function to quickly find a contact or lead that you’ve been working with.

Wildcard Search – Search By a Piece of a Record

Wildcard searches are a useful way to search for part of a name, address or number. PipelineDeals pros have used wildcard search to: (1) find all contacts or leads with an email address, (2) find all deals with a specific phrase in the deal summary, and (3) find all companies with a particular name.

To use a wildcard search, type the % symbol to begin any search you make in PipelineDeals (example – %pipeline). For more information on how use wildcard searches, watch this helpful screencast describing how to use the wildcard search to find all contacts with an email address.

Joined List-View Search – Search Across Deals, People and Companies

We released joined list-views in mid 2013 and they are a powerful way for you to search across your deals, people and companies all at the same time. With joined list views on the Deals tab, you can add fields from a deal’s associated company and primary contact to the Deal’s list view and perform advanced searches. Find all deals located in a specific state or zipcode, locate all deals associated to a specific group of person tags, or find all deals associated to a group of companies. With joined list-views, you have thousands of ways to search within your data. Learn more here.

What’s your favorite way to search? Looking to make a specific search in PipelineDeals but not sure how? Contact our helpful Customer Care staff at!

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