SeoTuners Channels the Familiar with PipelineDeals

Digital marketing agency, SeoTuners, uses the PipelineDeals CRM for much more than it's intended purposes. Read about how they use the product. 

SeoTuners is a creative design and digital marketing agency, focused on leveraging online presence. Based out of Augora Hills, California, the company uses PipelineDeals as both a project management tool, as well as a way to manage the financials of the company.

We spoke with Julian Espinosa, sales and marketing manager at SeoTuners, about how they made the shift to PipelineDeals, and how it’s benefited the company.

What is SeoTuners?

SeoTuners is a digital marketing agency, focusing on search engine optimization. They assist companies with their online marketing on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Whether that be from an organic level, pay-per-click campaigns, or paid search, SeoTuners provides expert services to help leverage the online presence, and brand of a company.

What brought on the switch to PipelineDeals?

Espinosa’s previous company, Custom Creatives, has been using PipelineDeals almost from the inception of the product. So, when he started at SeoTuners about four years ago, it only seemed natural to “bring” the CRM with him.

 Julian Espinosa is the sales and marketing manager at SeoTuners. 
Julian Espinosa is the sales and marketing manager at SeoTuners. 

For a company using excel spreadsheets in combination with Microsoft Outlook, as their version of a CRM, it only made sense to make the switch to PipelineDeals.

Espinosa said, “It was pretty much a natural transition to using PipelineDeals because I had already been using it and for the dollars that your price points are at it just financially made sense.”

What does the on-boarding process look like?

When it comes to PipelineDeals, SeoTuners takes a more strategic approach, modeling the system after their old customer relationship management system—excel spreadsheets.

When training new hires, Espinosa says he tries to make the transition to PipelineDeals as simple as possible. So, when bringing on new employees, the first thing he does is set up a view in the people tab of PipelineDeals that looks just like a spreadsheet. At the end of the “spreadsheet” he puts the activity log, so employees can just click the activity and log the note.

“I make it look like an excel spreadsheet because that’s something that everyone can synergize with … Effectively, it feels like they’re working in excel and I don’t even have to train them.”  

How does SeoTuners use PipelineDeals?

SeoTuners has gone beyond the scope of standard uses, when it comes to PipelineDeals. They’ve completely personalized the platform to their own needs.

However, when explaining how they use the system for their sales cycle, Espinosa’s portrayal is pretty similar to how most use the product.

He says they start by adding contacts to the system, following up with the contacts, setting up time slots to present to them, and then essentially closing the deal.

But once they create a deal, the customization begins.  

Espinosa says they use PipelineDeals as a way to not only manage their projects, “But to leverage when we bring on a deal or a project, and then manage the financials on how we pay our employees in condition with how we simultaneously do the accounting for each project.”

He says they use the deals tab of the app for accounting and management purposes. They use it to manage products they’ve purchased, audit and track customer payments, as well as automate tasks for particular projects.

“We don’t necessarily use it for logging notes such as when the customers called in, but more for when to send out a ranking report for the customer, etc. … So, the CRM has turned into a way to not only manage leads, tasks, and deals, but also the financials of the business.”

It’s safe to say SeoTuners uses the CRM for much more than its intended purposes.

Any tips for first time users?

Espinosa understands that each company will have different uses for the PipelineDeals CRM. This is why he can’t reiterate enough that his biggest suggestion for setting up the platform is creating a view that’s simple and easy to use.

He says, “Like I mentioned with the excel spreadsheets, just create a really simplistic view of what you need in order to make that initial phone call.”

Espinosa tries to make PipelineDeals as native to his employees as possible. The faster he can get his team to adopt the platform, the faster he believes the business will reap the benefits.  

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