Shearer Painting Finds Success With PipelineDeals

 Shearer Painting

Shearer Painting is a Seattle-based painting contractor serving King County. Shearer needed a sales CRM solution that integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar to coordinate their call center, sales staff, and leadership.

After extensive testing, Shearer chose PipelineDeals CRM instead of Salesforce and several other CRM applications. “Most programs were too simple or offered too many options that made the software complicated to use,” says Shearer CEO John Shearer. “PipelineDeals is easy to use and integrates well with Gmail and Google Calendar. Our call center can gather information about new leads and match our specialists based on their availability.”

Manage Return Business and Referrals

As a mid-size contractor in a competitive business, Shearer needs to keep in contact with past customers for return work and referrals. PipelineDeals helps Shearer Painting streamline communication with new leads and past customers. Additionally, PipelineDeals helps Shearer manage referrals and keep communication all in one place.

John states, “PipelineDeals improves the prospecting experience for new customers. It also helps us provide premium support for our most valuable customers.” PipelineDeals Gmail integration allows John and his colleagues stay on top of communication. Shearer knows that they always have the most up-to-date contact information for their contacts and leads.

Manage Your Schedule with the Google Apps Integration

PipelineDeals integration with Google Apps calendar helps Shearer Painting schedule bids and appointments. Call Center employees gather information about new leads and match specialists based on their availability, all within the app.

John further explains, “PipelineDeals integration with Google Calendar is a good way to schedule around individual people and deals.” PipelineDeals users can view and manage their calendar in Google Apps. Also, scheduled tasks link to associated people or deals so they can view relevant data.

Fuel Growth Using the Sales Pipeline

PipelineDeals lets Shearer Painting understand their sales pipeline so that they can fuel growth. “In the past, our sales team had a hard time knowing our actual capacity. PipelineDeals helps to fix that. We can easily match sales with capacity and make intelligent decisions on when to expand to meet all potential sales.”

With PipelineDeals and Google Apps, Shearer has the full customer history to seamlessly transition leads to paying customers. Understanding their sales pipeline ensures that Shearer has the operations in place to handle their sales. As John summarizes, “I’d recommend PipelineDeals to any service contractor – it gives me the insight and data to help my business responsibly grow.”

About Shearer Painting

Shearer Painting was established in 1990 as a local house painting company by John Shearer, and has grown into a multi-million dollar business. Shearer is widely recognized as one of the most dependable painting contractors in Seattle. In twenty years many of Shearer projects were featured in magazine articles, television programs, and have won industry awards.

About John Shearer

John started Shearer Painting in Seattle, Washington in 1990. John Shearer brings over 20 years of experience as a painting contractor. He is recognized as a coatings experts, serving as an expert witness on paint failure litigation and annual speaker at the Fine Paints of Europe Certification Class in Vermont.