PipelineDeals Honored By Software Advice For User Interface

PipelineDeals is one of Software Advice’s Five favorite SFA (sales force automation) Software User Interfaces. 

A key component of PipelineDeals usefulness is the clean and beautiful layout in the app. Our design lead, Jody Ferry, ensures that we’re always enhancing the app in beautiful ways.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we were named as one of Software Advice’s Five favorite SFA (sales force automation) Software User Interfaces. Software Advice is a leading provider of detailed reviews, comparisons, and research for software buyers. We’re honored to be recognized with some of the biggest names in software for our simple and easy to use interface.

How did Software Advice evaluate user interfaces?

 A simple CRM is important to maintaining sales productivity. 

“When we were evaluating SFA user interfaces (UIs), we looked for designs with intuitive, unobtrusive navigation systems; clear, aesthetically pleasing reports; and sensible layouts that arrange information by importance and make good use of space. Our favorite UIs combine all these elements (and others) to make using the software easy for novices and lightning-fast for SFA veterans,” says Jay Ivey, Managing Editor at Software Advice.

What did Software Advice like particularly about PipelineDeals?

“We were particularly  impressed with [PipelineDeals] consistently smart use of page layout to prioritize information. Whether you’re pulling up an account record or looking over a sales report, you’ll always find the most relevant, high-level information clearly and prominently displayed,” says Ivey.

 Get your sales numbers for the day right to your inbox the next morning. 

Software Advice gave particular praise to our Morning Coffee Report, the daily compilation of activities, deals won, lost, and created from the previous business day. “Good things like deals won show up in green; bad things like deals lost show up in red,” says Ivey. This format makes it easy to focus on what went well and what can be improved for the future.

Jay Ivey continues, “It may sound simple, but PipelineDeals uses element sizing, arrangement, and spacing to do what many solutions struggle to accomplish with elaborate sidebars and iconography: creating an intuitive experience that makes it quick and easy to find what you need.” In essence, that is the experience that we wanted to create with PipelineDeals. A simple and useful CRM with an intuitive interface that helps you sell better.

Again, we’re very pleased to be honored as one of Software Advice’s favorite SFA Software User Interfaces.

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