PipelineDeals Brings Global Team Together For Boulder Summit

PipelineDeals attended our company summit in Boulder, CO May 3–5.

PipelineDeals will have limited support May 3 – 5 while we attend our company summit in Boulder, CO. Learn more about why we hold an annual summit to build and maintain our company culture.

The PipelineDeals team has never worked all in one location since our founding 11 years ago in May 2006. While more than half the company today works from our headquarters in Seattle and our office in Exton, PA, we’ve embraced building the best team possible. That means that we have remote Pipeliners (what we call our PipelineDeals team members) across the US, Canada, and European Union.

While there are a variety of excellent tools we use to keep our team in sync, we host an annual all-company Summit to help deepen the ties between Pipeliners. Our sixth annual Summit is in Boulder, CO from May 3 – 5.

 View of Boulder Flatirons from site of PipelineDeals 2017 Summit
View of Boulder Flatirons from site of PipelineDeals 2017 Summit

The purpose of hosting an annual summit goes beyond simply getting team members to meet one another in person. With more than 40 employees on staff now, Summit gives the team an opportunity to get to know one another in a new environment. Pipeliners can share candid feedback with members of the leadership team and push for company-wide improvements. We also honor an employee of the year (our Yeoman of the Year award). Finally, summit is a chance to get some R&R and have some fun.

During our company Summit on May 3 – 5, our normal customer support hours will be limited. There will be limited email support during business hours. There will not be regular phone support or chat support during the week.

Summit is our chance to take a deep breath as a company. Rest assured that we’ll be back creating and supporting great software on May 8.

If you have any questions or concerns about how our company summit will impact you, please contact us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com

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