Back From The Mountaintop – Summit 2014

We wrote about our company summit in Jackson Hole about a month ago, and we appreciated the positive response from our users. Given the interest in our company’s summit, we want to share more about this past summit and what made it a success:

Welcome To Our New Team Members

 PipelineDeals team in Grand Teton National Park
PipelineDeals team in Grand Teton National Park

Our company is continuing to grow and we’ve added new staff in our Wayne (PA) and Seattle offices in the last 12 months. In fact, our new VP of Sales Mike Hayes had his first day on the job in Jackson Hole! At our summit this year, we held company-focused meetings early in the week and scheduled outdoors adventures for the afternoon. The combination of work and play gave our team an opportunity to get to know each other better. Now that we’re back in Washington and Pennsylvania, our team is more productive than ever.

Award Outstanding Performers

At our first summit in 2012, we defined the company’s core values as YEOMANS.  We’re committed to honoring team members that exemplify our core values. This year, the company leadership team honored our Customer Care Manager Kris Knowles as employee of the year. Kris has worked for 3 years at PipelineDeals, first as a Customer Ambassador and now as the manager for the Customer Care department. He’s helped us scale our customer care team and works doggedly to ensure we provide great customer support. Congrats Kris – you’ve earned it!

Chart the Future

Great software development requires constant reflection. At PipelineDeals, we regularly host retrospectives to review and improve our processes and development. At summit, we were able to reflect on the challenges and successes of this past year.

We also spent a significant portion of summit talking and planning for the coming year. We have some awesome additions in the pipeline, and we’ll be digging deeper into our core features. You can expect to see more announcements from us soon about important additions we’re making to PipelineDeals.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Around Jackson

 Mountain-top selfie on top of Snow King (from left) - Marketing Manager David, Developer Chad, Customer Care Ambassador Lisa
Mountain-top selfie on top of Snow King (from left) – Marketing Manager David, Developer Chad, Customer Care Ambassador Lisa

Did we mention that our summit was a mixture of work and play? The team journeyed to the top of Jackson Hole ski resort, whitewater rafted on the Snake River, visited Yellowstone, and explored all parts of the Jackson Hole valley. In short, we took full advantage of the amazing environment around the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole valley. Oh, and we took some mountain-top selfies.

At PipelineDeals, we love what we do, and we want our customers to love PipelineDeals too. Make sure to subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss our exciting new additions coming in the next few months.


  1. Shaved our beards

    Or at least one of us did. Developer Chad, pictured in the mountain top selfie, shaved his beard before whitewater rafting!

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