SunX Solar Doubles Revenue with PipelineDeals

SunSolar has doubled their revenue since they started using PipelineDeals CRM.

 SunX Solar Systems Inc uses PipelineDeals to manage it's sales process. 

We love to hear amazing success stories from our customers and SunX Solar Systems is no exception.  They are such a great company to work with and we are so pleased to have had such an impact on their business.

We’ve doubled our revenue since we started using PipelineDeals. It put everyone on the same page and allowed our company to work seamlessly. And that has allowed us to grow as a company.

– Dan Stifle, Partner, SunX Solar Systems

You can download and read the entire case study here.

Like a lot of the specialty trade contractors and construction companies we work with, SunX Solar had been trying to manage their sales and account management activities on spreadsheets and paper.  With a field-based workforce, this made collaboration and communication quite difficult.

We were able to unify all their information in one easy-to-use, collaborative place and increase their sales team effectiveness with features like trackable emails and email campaigns.

“Everyone is just crazy over being able to track emails,” says Stifle. “It really motivates our sales guys to follow up. They get an alert that Mr. Brown opened our proposal at 12:30, and they’re prompted to call that afternoon and see if he’s ready to close.”

Click here to download and read the case study

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