SuperShare™ Sales Data with Trusted Collaborators in Real-Time

Want to save time and close deals faster? Our latest webinar focuses on our industry-leading sales data collaboration tool called SuperShare that enables you to collaborate easily with external partners.

Sales Data Collaboration

SuperShare™ is a brand new PipelineDeals feature that gives you the ability to share your List Views for easy, real-time collaboration with external users, partners, and key collaborators working outside of your company.

Benefits for PipelineDeals customers who use SuperShare

  • Close business faster by collaborating in real-time without a messy email string
  • Allow instant visibility for smarter, informed decisions
  • Collaborate quickly on the secure data you share
  • Save time by ditching the spreadsheet downloads and handpicking what data to share
  • Build the game-changing relationships you need to succeed

In our latest webinar, I was joined by our Product Manager, Michael Dempsey, to showcase this new super new feature.

See how to use it now. Watch the webinar recording:

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Transcription of the SuperShare Learning Webinar

Nick Amundson: [1:15] 

Alright, Hello, everyone. Thank you for joining our webinar this morning or this afternoon, wherever you are. My name is Nick. I’m on the customer team here at Pipeline Deals. And I’m with my colleague Michael.

Michael Dempsey: [1:26] 


Nick Amundson: [1:27] 

He’s our product manager here and we are going to show you how to save time and close deals faster with our latest and greatest new feature, SuperShare. So thanks, everyone for joining us. Just a couple notes before we venture off into this demo. We are working with our marketing team and our recording of this webinar will be posted on our blog today. You can find that as well as our overview article and setup guide as well and a little more information to that we may not cover here in this little demo. Because we don’t want to waste your time we want to hop in and we’re going to show you what SuperShare is how it works from you, the pipeline deals user from your perspective, and from what we call an external user. They are someone who’s outside of your organization whom you can share your deal information with. So let’s happen it, Michael, what is SuperShare? That’s the big question, right?

Michael Dempsey: [2:32] 

Yeah, totally.

Nick Amundson: [2:33] 

Alright. Well, just because you don’t have this the same software as your external partners, doesn’t mean you can’t share data right from your CRM, where are already list. SuperShare makes data sharing from your serum easy, collaborative, insecure. The Sales Pipeline, the sharing feature that empowers customers to share deal in real time for easy real time collaboration with external collaborators.

[2:58] So let’s say I’m a Sales Manager at Seattle Solar, a company that uses Pipeline Deals, and I have a great working relationship with Michael here. He’s my channel partner at Sunshine Distribution. We email and call each other constantly because we’re involved with same deals and we want to keep our communication and collaboration consistent and up to date. I use Pipeline Deals to manage my relationships and sales pipeline, but Michael doesn’t, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean we can’t be on the same page about the deals, data or progress.

[3:31] With SuperShare, I can share save deal list views of important deals directly with Michael without the need to prepare, download and send spreadsheets. Also gone are the days of countless emails back and forth. Pipeline Deals SuperShare enables easy and secure outside sharing of sales data and real time inside the Pipeline Deals app making collaboration easy. With SuperShare, Pipeline Deals customers like myself can quickly grant access to important sales data, I can securely share it with anyone around the world such as Michael here and collaborate in app to close deals faster. Meanwhile, external users like Michael, can you utilize a complimentary. Yes, free view of pipeline deals to collaborate better with people like me. Save time by seeing SuperShare sales pipelines live from anywhere, and Michael can make better decisions with up to date data.

[4:31] So let’s hop into a demo so we can see firsthand how SuperShare works. Alright, so here’s my Pipeline Deals account at tier@seattlesolar. The person I’m going to do is add an external user. Now we do have a setup guys I mentioned but admins, all you would need to do is hop on over into your account settings. Click on the Admin User button like you’d add a new user to your account. Login information

same last name and their email. This would be your external users email address. A side note here, external users cannot have the same email domain as their organizations on the paid account. So if my email is, I won’t be able to add my colleague Annie, whose email is, because we have the same email domain at

[5:27] So for here, I would type in Michael, last same and then his email address will say it’s So here’s where we add the external user under the role. Open that up and here you’ll see it in the drop-down SuperShare external user. Automatically, it turns our commission’s to read only access. And the other option you can do is allow them the ability to export these reports. These are just your deals list views. When you had it all set up, you click send an invite and send away. Michael will receive an invitation email to add, password and the login. So let’s hop over to see what Michael would see for the first time. So I just invited Michael.

[6:24] Michael gets the email invitation he hops in. This is his account. This is the view; all external users will see when they log in to buy deals for the first time as an external user. Notice on top the top navigation bar, all the tabs besides the deals tab are grayed out meaning that you cannot they cannot do any actions here. The only other thing you can do is click on the profile setting and you have access to other accounts you may be associated with us also access our resources as well.

[7:00] So as of right now, no deals are shared with Michael. So let’s see what that looks like. Let’s share some deals. So I’m going to hop on over back to my account. So the shared deals with Michael will be doing this from the deals tab you’ll be sharing save deal list views. So how do I share specific deals? So several ways you can use custom fields, you can use any other fields that we have that are specific to your external user. In this case, Michael works for a company Sunshine Distribution. So I’ve already actually have created a list of all the Sunshine Distribution deals. I’ve just filter this by the company Sunshine Distribution. Another thing I’ve done is I have a custom field with all my distribution partners at Sunshine Distribution.

[8:00] Not just work with Michael. I’m also working with Ashley and Ben and Chris, amongst others. So what I can do is share this list if Michael if I want to share my list of all the deals I have with the company. But if Michael just wants to see only the deals that the two of us are working on, I can further filter this list view, like clicking on my custom fields, drilling down to just my external user Michael. Let me say these changes. So now I have this list. I have a list of just the deals I want to share with Michael. And only the fields I wanted to share among showing like our deal name, the amounts, the delivery day, is any of the custom fields you can add to it. Let’s feel you can share.

Michael Dempsey: [8:43] 

And remove.

Nick Amundson: [8:44] 

And remove, good point. So just like exporting reports, you are able to add remove any of these columns, customize list view so that your external user can only see what it is that you want to share with them. So a customized the way I want to, I wanted to share it so I can quickly easily click on the green share list button in the upper right corner. This will open up the Manage sharing model. From here I can select users on my entire account. Otherwise I can just select Michael.

[9:23] I could start a list for him as well and save. Now I have saved this list view with Michael. So let’s hop back on over into Michael’s account and see what that looks like. All right, so Michael logs in and now he’s got deals. This is my again, this is Michael’s you know my external users list view he logs into his accounts. And this is the list I share with them Sunshine Distribution deals.

[9:59] Now any other my users on my account can share any deal list view with Michael as well. And it will show the account name. So Seattle Sunshine is shared this list. And it starred and it’s shared by me. So Michael knows exactly who shared by and the account that shared with. Two things to note here. This is the exact same list that I shared, including all the columns and the filters. The differences being when you are working in your Pipeline Deals account, you can click on any of these lists any of these fields in the list view and make changes and external user cannot. These are all locked fields. The only thing that Michael can do is you can further filter in quite a little bit more just to make it a few adjustments to his view. But the real key to this is a collaboration aspect. Michael, the external user can communicate.

[11:00] Simply collaborate with me in real time without those, you know, sending me this emails and spreadsheets. Simply they’re clicking on the deal name, or if I included the activities column and the list view that I’ve shared, you can click on the activities icon. And this will open up the activities model. And this will show me all the previous activities on this deal is any communications we’ve had. And Michael can write a note.

[11:34] Michael can even tag me or any other user working on this deal. So I will be notified that Michael has mentioned me in and out. So if I ever go back to my account, I would get a notification saying Michael has wrote an activity on this deal and I’ll be able to check it in real time. Let’s take a look there. So if we hop on over to my account there’s that notification. Michael Thomas mentioned you in generators model. So this is the deal Michael just made a note in, and I can quickly go to it take a look at the note. And I can either follow up with the note. Tell Michael add a comment and now Michael will be notified as well from my in real time from my latest activity now.

[12:44] So that way I’m up to date on what Michael is doing and as my external user and Michael is up to date on what we’re doing here within the CRM Pipeline Deals. Alright, so Michael, we certainly we’ve saved some list views. [Yep.] We’ve shared it with the external user and show that we can collaborate, the external user can collaborate in real time, through activities, writing activities, right directly from the list view.

Michael Dempsey: [13:20] 

Yeah, the reason this is so great is because it gets us out of the email inbox, trying to track all the deals you’re working on with the similar suppliers or the same person. And it allows us and you guys to really dig down on a specific deal and work within that deal on your account without having to log out or export or anything like that. It’s all right there.

Nick Amundson: [13:50] 

So just like your list views, as well an app next, the external user can click on the gear icon with your permission and export or print as PDF or many of the deals.

Michael Dempsey: [14:00] 

And if you don’t want that to happen, just stop, don’t click it and that’s that information is only read only and not external.

Nick Amundson: [14:16] 

Alright, so that’s a quick demo here of how it works. It’s a pretty slick feature. It’s pretty simple to use, you know, but it’s new. It’s new to the industry as well, and we’re, this is a leading feature for CRM. I also want to mention; we do have a Q&A box here. So if you have any questions that you may have, please feel free to reach out here in the zoom leading meeting link.

[14:40] But if not play around with it this to reshare is available on develop and grow. You can share with as many external users as you want. Member only admins can add users. So if you’re not an admin, just reach out to your admin and let them know of your contacts who may see the value in this. Again, it’s free, complimentary and you can share as many lists with your external users as you want.

Michael Dempsey: [15:04] 

Yeah. And you can also remove users. Do you want to show them real fast?

Nick Amundson: [15:06] 

Yeah, absolutely.

Michael Dempsey: [15:08] 

Say like, our deals are done, or I love the company or something like that.

Nick Amundson: [15:11] 

Yeah, absolutely.

Michael Dempsey: [15:12] 

Hey, it’s really quick and easy.

Nick Amundson: [15:14] 

Yep. So say that. This is Michael’s view, again as the external user and we’ll hop back into my account real quick. And a few things to show there. I got up I got on my shared list with Michael. Any changes I make, say if I just want to show deals that are green, or than all of our deals, I can filter it, save changes. And the changes will, or show will reflect in real time. So Michael deals that I’m sharing with him will update so he’ll just see this one green status. Let’s say I don’t want to share these deals lists anymore, I can remove Michael as a user, unstar user.

[16:13] If we hop back into Michael’s account real quick, we will see that he no longer has any deal shared with someone from my organization, right in real time. Your information is safe and secure, it’s instant. So any collaboration you have, it’s automatic and in real time, as well as any changes you make to a deals list view whether adding removing columns and you say it’s filters or just removing the sharing capability with the external user that’s done in real time. That ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Alright, well we don’t see too many email or questions coming through with the moment but again, our customer care team is here to answer any questions as you all take a look at the new feature as well as our knowledge base. And again, this recording will be in our blog later this afternoon.

[17:20] We also have a how to guide and our knowledge base as well as an overview that goes into a little goes a little more in depth with the feature itself and capabilities but overall, we hope that the takeaway is that you have better understanding of how SuperShare works and from the also from the perspective of your external users what they will see what they have access to, and the functionality. Alright, well SuperShare is a secure collaboration sales tool you can add to your sales team toolbox today. Yeah, we’ve opened up Q&A but looks like questions aren’t really coming in and that’s okay. We are here again to help. You know, reach out to us at with any questions or visit our blog there today for the recording and we thank you all for joining us this morning or afternoon and we appreciate your time and we hope you really take advantage of SuperShare.

Michael Dempsey: [18:23] 

Yeah, check it out. Thanks a lot.

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