TENMAT Finds a CRM for Manufacturing Companies

When TENMAT was looking for a CRM for manufacturing companies, they chose PipelineDeals for this important reason.

CRM for Manufacturing Needs

We’ll get to that reason (actually those reasons) in a moment. Let’s take a look at what TENMAT does every day. It’s a fascinating business.  For more than 100 years, TENMAT has been in the business of making the world’s most demanding applications work. 

When we interviewed Marco Kristen from TENMAT, he listed the diverse industries they touch including marine, automotive, aerospace, railway, and renewable companies. They trust TENMAT to provide materials to create quality composite, high-temp, and fire protection solutions.

Aerial photograph of TENMAT by webbaviation.co.uk
Aerial photograph of TENMAT by webbaviation.co.uk

Room to Grow in the Manufacturing Industry

Business was going well but the North American sales team knew there was room to grow in an increasingly competitive market.  A major part of reaching new revenue goals was to find a customer relationship management (CRM) software that could work with their industry and their specific needs. They were using Act! CRM but it wasn’t cloud based and it wasn’t intuitive enough for their growing needs. They evaluated Salesforce too but found it “too overwhelming.”

In their view, the TENMAT sales team believed the ideal CRM for manufacturing companies could be customizable in a business where a whole sales cycle can vary from a few months to up to two years.

Another real challenge was growing the business with the same amount of people.

That’s when TENMAT found PipelineDeals.

The CRM Solution for Manufacturing Companies

PipelineDeals ended up ticking the key boxes they needed to help reach their goals.  Marco Kristen summed it up for us:

“Implementing PipelineDeals was super quick. It was easy for our sales team to learn. Our sales operations are more efficient even with the same amount of resources and manpower.”

Sales and Conversion Rates Going Up

TENMAT’s North American operations said they are happy to report 20 percent increase in conversion rates.  Sales spiked up as well by 30 percent. And they did it all with the same amount of people and resources. A team in Europe has adopted PipelineDeals since that ROI.

TENMAT has been in the business of making the world’s most demanding applications work.
TENMAT is in the business of making the world’s most demanding applications work.

Above all, PipelineDeals proved to be an ideal CRM for the manufacturing industry.  To learn more about how TENMAT came made the choice between Act!, Salesforce and PipelineDeals, be sure to check out more in-depth details in our case study: TENMAT Boosts Sales by 30 Percent With PipelineDeals CRM.

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