Your Stories Drive Us – A Word of Thanks from PipelineDeals

Building software is fun, but it’s people that inspire us at PipelineDeals. One of the things that drives us as a company are the stories we hear from our customers. We’ve shared a few stories this year on our blog about how our customers are using the app and we’re continuously impressed by what we hear. 

We’ve written about how PayrollHero is using PipelineDeals to introduce cloud software to the Philippines, and about how Ada Developers Academy uses our software to raise money to train women to become software developers. We even received some amazing pictures of PipelineDeals-themed cakes from the Enchanting Travel offices in India and Kenya!

Whether we’re talking to a startup with a dream or a multi-million dollar enterprise, our customer’s stories drive our team. We built PipelineDeals to help our customers rule their sales universe, and we’re excited to learn how salespeople win more deals with our software.

Our team will be taking time off on Thursday, November 27th to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our friends and family. On this holiday, our customer care team will be unavailable via the phone and we will not be responding to normal customer care related emails. If you have an emergency, please contact us at

 From the PipelineDeals Summit in 2014 at Yellowstone National Park
From the PipelineDeals Summit in 2014 at Yellowstone National Park

On behalf of the team at PipelineDeals, we hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday. 


The PipelineDeals Team

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