A Card Can Go a Long Way

You can now automate handwritten cards!  

Today’s sales teams focus on email, phone calls and social touches to get in touch with prospects, but some prospects require a “retro” touch. Find out how sending cards with PipelineDeals and Thankster can help your sales messages stand out.

Showing customers appreciation can be challenging – especially when that customer-base is growing with your business. Nurturing contacts through automated email campaigns tends to be the primary method for maintaining those vital customer connections. Recently, marketing experts have been gravitating towards integrating a similar automation technology, like Thankster, as a way to complement email campaigns with customized handwritten cards. 

It seems that our love for handwritten cards has been conditioned through years of birthday cards and checks in the mail from Aunty. We love the feeling of ripping open a card that was personally addressed to us – and most companies love to give that feeling to their customers.

Traditionally, the downside to producing handwritten card campaigns was time and energy spend to write them. Sending out 500 handwritten cards could take months. And while those cards would yield higher conversion rates, the execution process would be grueling.

The solution is to automatically incorporate custom handwritten cards into the systems your company is already using to manage contacts. Zapier.com lets you link your PipelineDeals with Thankster to make this possible. This way, when certain conditions are met, a card will be sent in the mail the next business day with heavy card stock and a first class stamp.

Set-up is easy:

Step 1: Create your project in Thankster. Upload your own custom logo and handwriting or choose from existing ones.

Step 2: Head over to Zapier to connect your Thankster account to your PipelineDeals account. Here you can set up the right conditions for a card to be mailed out.

Voila! You are now automatically sending customers handwritten cards!

There two Zaps currently setup for Thankster and PipelineDeals. One option is to send out thank you cards to new contacts that get added to your PipelineDeals account. A second option is to send out thank you cards to people associated to new deals that have been added to your account. Both options can work in tandem with your other outreach efforts to improve your overall connection rate and close more business.

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