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The Latest New Feature for List Views—Hindsight 2020

You can now use Hindsight to compare today’s pipeline to previous dates right in the list view with a couple of clicks.

Track Deals Past and Present with Hindsight

This week we’re phasing a major update into the Deals list views of Grow accounts. You can now use Hindsight to compare today’s pipeline to previous dates right in the list view with a couple of clicks. With this launch, you’ll be able to quickly track sales progress and save time spent manually pulling and reporting comparative data.  

With a timeframe selected, Hindsight will show you a summary of total changes while providing you visibility into the specific movement contributing to your top line. 

Looking for a lost deal? Check the Recycle Bin

Now that you can see changes in your pipeline, you may find yourself wanting to know exactly why certain metrics changed or what the details were of deals that moved out of your pipeline. With Grow, you can now find and restore deleted deals in the Recycle Bin. 

The recycle bin is accessible through the Hindsight comparative view and through your user icon dropdown menu available in the global navigation.

As always, you can reach out to for more information. You can also find the knowledge base article here

Coming Soon

Search and You Will Find Improvement 

Our Search experience is in the final phases of a ground-up rewrite. Soon, accounts on all tiers will have improved Search—so finding what you need will soon be easier and faster than ever.  

Mobile App Dashboard Update

Your mobile experience will be improved with added functionality and a user-friendly dashboard view. Press into the app and you will immediately see your tasks, starred lists, and pipeline with one click. 

Fixes and Small Updates

New to Agenda Settings: Quarterly 

If you have tasks and events in your sales process that repeat quarterly, you can now select “quarterly” as the repeat option when creating the task.   

Web-to-Leads New Functionality

We have added ability for web-to-leads to create a lead OR contact, deal, company, and calendar entry. Previously, you could only create a lead.

New Automation Trigger Options 

An automation could previously only be triggered when any numeric or currency field changes—now, you can set triggers for “increase” or “decrease” changes too! 

API docs 

We’ve updated our API documentation. Check out the latest PipelineDeals API here:

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