5 Tips For Onboarding New Salespeople To Your CRM

PipelineDeals CRM outlines five five tips for successfully onboarding new salespeople to your CRM.

Hiring new salespeople is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for a business. If you’re a sales manager or a business owner, it’s critical to onboard new salespeople as quickly as possible so that they can help grow your business. We hear from many companies that they chose PipelineDeals because it’s easy to teach new salespeople how to use our CRM. We’re proud that PipelineDeals is easy to use and we have 5 tips to make the onboarding process even better:

1 – Start Small and Develop Good Habits

Starting a new job can be overwhelming for even an experienced salesperson. When you’re introducing them to your CRM, start small and focus on developing habits around core functions. Explain why the core function is used by your business, and check-in with them to see how it is supporting their sales progress.

One Pro-Tip for PipelineDeals users – focus on having your new salesperson record their activities in the app for the first week. Let them know what activities are tracked and which activities are most important. Discuss how activities support your organization’s sales process, and monitor their progress developing this new habit. If you’re going to focus on one feature in PipelineDeals the first week, focus on activities.

2 – Highlight Help Resources

 Set up your salespeople for success through great CRM onboarding
Set up your salespeople for success through great CRM onboarding

Experienced CRM users are a great resource for your new salesperson. However, your CRM may also have help resources available for your new users as well. Highlight where the help resources are and let them know it’s ok to ask for help from your CRM provider.

At PipelineDeals, we put our Customer Care phone number at the top of the page on our website. We have a knowledge base you can access 24/7 in the app at the top of every page under the “?” icon to get page tips, helpful videos, and links to support articles. Our message to new users is simple – we’re here to help. Make sure that your new salespeople know that we want them to be successful too.

3 – Set Goals

Salespersons are often given clear goals for how much sales they’re expected to make in a given month. On the other hand, they’re usually not given clear and measurable goals for how they’re expected to use a CRM. Telling a user that “they just have to use a CRM” is vague and ineffective. It is important to articulate clear goals for how a new salesperson is expected to use a CRM in their sales process, and why the company is using a CRM to begin with.

For example, at PipelineDeals we closely evaluate our salesperson’s activities. Our salespeople analyze what activities are driving our sales, and set goals for the department around those activities. Whenever we onboard a new salesperson, we discuss how our sales process has evolved and why we use certain actions. We’re also open to changing our process if there is data to support the change.

4 – Use Your CRM to Praise

Sales is tough, and good work deserves public praise. Your CRM memorializes your interactions with your customers and is a great way to collaborate with your colleagues. Why shouldn’t it also memorialize praise for a job well done?

As your new salesperson has early successes, use the comment features on your CRM to praise your new colleague. Not only will you build a positive company culture, you make it clear that you’re monitoring their progress and that you’re a partner in their success.

5 – Encourage “Why?” and Seek Feedback

Don’t shy away from the question “why do we do it this way?” In fact, you should encourage your new salesperson to ask why you perform certain actions in your CRM. Your new colleague brings a new perspective, and they may have some helpful feedback to help others in your organization use your CRM even better.

What tips do you provide to new sales staff when they’re getting started with CRM? Any strategies that you use to help people learn how to use PipelineDeals better? We want to know! Share in the comments below.

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