8 Essential Apps For Contractors

Contractors rely upon cutting edge apps to keep their businesses running. Here are 8 essential apps being used by contractors to win more business and delight their clients.

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at PipelineDeals

In the last few years, businesses have begun to embrace employees bringing smartphones into the office. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the specialty contracting trades. Estimators, field sales, crew leaders, and crew members alike have benefitted from the ability to stay connected via smartphones and the App ecosystem.

With more than 64% of American adults using smartphones according to a Pew Research Center study, specialty contracting businesses can no longer avoid the presence of smart phones. More importantly, the strength of the App ecosystem is a boon for contractors who choose to implement these apps.

Below is a list of Apps that many of our customers are currently using. Some of these apps allow customers to work entirely remotely on the road or jobsite, while keeping in close contact with co-workers in the office.


A construction app that lets contractors, owners, and architects collaborate with all their project plans, specs and photos on the iPad.

What are users saying about PlanGrid? –  “Fulfills the idea I had from day 1 of owning a tablet to make it the resource to hold all docs to take to a job. Still requires a little thinking ahead to update the pad while near WiFi before leaving the office rather than 4G from the field. The searches are fast, easy to flip between drawings and/or the live links”

Photo Measures

The perfect app to help you save and share measures and dimensions on your own photos.

What are users saying about Photo Measures? “Perfect, This app is just what I needed. I work in construction, and this gives me the perfect tool to convey exact dimensions to the detailer or project manager with clear and visual intentions.”


TSheets is time tracking software with built-in mobile time cards for construction and field workers. According to some estimates, TSheets saves contracting businesses 2% on average for gross payroll costs.

What are users saying about TSheets?“It’s the Holy Grail of Time Tracking!” Quite the endorsement.

Photo Measures App

This app makes it dead simple for contractors to mark-up photos on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Mark the dimensions within the app, callout specific features in the photo, and magnify for better accuracy.

What are users saying about Photo Measures App?“Been using the app for over a year in my business. I measure Windows for draperies and have stopped writing notes on paper. The text feature works great along with all the styles of lines and colors. The export feature to Dropbox or email is great, as they have added exporting more then 10 photos. I refer the app to all my designers I work for.”


Docusign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others. The app eliminates the hassles, costs, and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents for signature.

What are users saying about Docusign? “This is the best ever! As a Realtor, this app is priceless for my out of town clients, and even in town ones! What used to take days now only takes minutes!! I can send a document to 3 clients all in different states, get it back the same day, signed- all without having to print and scan!”

Joist App – Painting Contractor Estimator & Billing Tool

This tool is a complete estimating, quotation and bid app for all types of painting & decorating contractors.

What are users saying about Painting Contractor Estimator & Billing?“Very specific to the painting business (but would work for other trades) with many methods to calculate estimates. Different labor and material factors are very cool. This app has really helped my business It’s so easy to estimate that my revenue has actually increased since I can add my services with just a few taps. Also saves time of manually generating estimates”

iBend Pipe

iBend Pipe is a niche conduit bending application for iPhone. You can use this app to help calculate bends using the English or Metric measurements.

What are users saying about iBend Pipe? – “I’m a commercial electrician (9 years), I do a lot of bending (Rigid & EMT) and my work is always complimented. I’d say this app is my secret weapon. If you do commercial or industrial work, buy it. It speeds up the process, reduces the “bone yard” of attempts…”


PipelineDeals is a contractor oriented CRM that helps you manage contacts, track your sales pipeline, and close more deals. Get organized and grow your sales pipeline with the simplest, most effective CRM for contractors around

What are users saying about PipelineDeals?“PLD is the best CRM I’ve come across. It’s easy to use and offers powerful reporting features. It also allows me to track my selling activities. The Android app helps me stay connected while I’m on the road. Plus, their support is amazing. I highly recommend this app”

What apps are you using?

Do you have another app that you love? Share in the comments section below.