Keep Your Pipeline Growing with Starred Lists

Find out how you can prioritize your most important leads, deals and task items with this post highlighting the top uses of starred lists.

Find out how you can prioritize your most important leads, deals and task items with this post highlighting the top uses of starred lists.

Your CRM isn’t just a safety deposit box for leads, deals and customers. It’s also your guide for how you should be prioritizing your time. Our new feature, starred lists, are one of the best ways to get a high-level overview of your business’s top priorities.

If you missed our release of starred lists, check out this video introducing the new feature:

Over 500 customers have created a combined 1500 starred lists since we released the new feature two weeks ago. Pipeliners (our customers) have found a wide variety of ways to use starred lists so far and we wanted to highlight the trends we’re seeing so far.

Deals are clearly the star!

You can create starred lists for deals, people, companies and agenda items. The clear favorite for early adopters of starred lists are deals. 72% of all starred lists are for deals – which makes sense given the clear value of tracking ongoing deals which bolster your business’s bottom-line.

Starred lists appear on your home tab (and soon will appear on your Morning Coffee Report) and give you a quick snapshot of your priorities. Early adopters are clearly focusing on deals closing soon, deals that are delayed, or new items in their pipeline. Starred lists make it easy to get a quick snapshot, or dive deep into the details if you want more context.

Organization based lists are king

It is a cliche to say that the biggest thing keeping business owners and sales leaders up at night is missing out on business that falls thru the cracks. Trust us – we know exactly how you feel! That’s why we started PipelineDeals and why we think features like starred lists are so valuable.

Some of the most popular starred lists that you’ve created thus far (more than 50% in fact) are organization based lists to make sure you’re keeping on top of your own deals. The three top starred lists are:

  1. Deals owned by me
  2. Deals in [a particular stage]
  3. Deals closing this month

It’s clear that Pipeliners want to keep tabs on sales and accounts they’re responsible for, and starred lists provide a quick way to review the numbers that are most important.

Action-Based starred lists will take things to the next level

One of the most powerful ways to use starred lists is to highlight what your next best action should be with an action-based list. An action-based list is a list that users your next task due or your activities to understand which deals need immediate action. Some popular examples include:

  1. Overdue tasks or deals with overdue tasks
  2. Deals with no action taken in the last month
  3. New leads who have not been contacted

By starring this lists, you will ensure that the first thing that you see in the morning are those red-hot deals or leads that could be falling thru the cracks. Stop worrying about what you may be missing out on and take action with starred lists.

What’s coming next? Starred lists with your Morning Coffee Report

We’re preparing to release an updated version of our Morning Coffee Report with improved design and elements that you can customize. Any lists that you star will appear on your Morning Coffee Report each morning, giving you quick actionable insight to start your day. Look for the next Morning Coffee Report to be released the of week of March 14.

Visit our help site for a step-by-step guide to setting up your own starred lists.

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