TransitScreen Connects Remote Team with Technology

We interviewed company cofounder and VP of Business Development Ryan Croft  

TransitScreen is a pioneer in providing real-time, multimodal transportation displays.  We interviewed company cofounder and VP of Business Development Ryan Croft this past year about the company’s complex sales process and rapid growth across North America. We’re providing an update to that conversation in honor of CEO Matt Caywood recent talk at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on the future of technology in transportation.

What is TransitScreen?

TransitScreen is a software and digital signage company. We provide live, real-time displays of all transportation options on location at subway stations, bus stops, train terminals, bikeshare and carshare locations. Our goal was to make it simple for everyone everywhere to move around a city without a personal vehicle. We help create smarter, more energy efficient cities with less traffic, reduced parking demand, and better quality of life.

 Smart transportation solutions

TransitScreen is currently available in 29 metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada, including the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Seattle, Boston and Toronto. We’ve partnered with real estate developers, universities, employers, cities, and transit agencies to ensure optimal placement of digital signage for commuters.

How are you growing the company currently?

Matt Caywood and I initially launched TransitScreen in 2013. The company originated from a civic technology pilot project at Mobility Lab which is a part of the Arlington, VA government.

We initially chose to bootstrap the company (the company was self-funded). The technology that we’ve created is very new and we wanted to validate our business model prior to accepting any funding. We also wanted to learn from our earliest users to iterate on the technology. We accepted a small seed round of funding in March 2015 to continue to grow our team and expand.

Why did you decide to try PipelineDeals?

 TransitScreen SmartWalk Technology
TransitScreen SmartWalk Technology

Before we had a CRM system, we were using Google Drive to manage new relationships. We discovered quickly that we needed a better option to keep our team organized. PipelineDeals was recommended to us by a fellow entrepreneur. We use Google Apps for Work and we wanted a CRM that would sync with our contact and calendar system.

How is PipelineDeals helping your business?

With so many team members located in different cities, it’s vital for us to stay organized. PipelineDeals and Google Apps are useful tools for us to stay connected and organized even on different coasts and operating in different time zones.

Our sales are long, slow moving deals that require us to be extra organized and diligent. We really like the functionality to keep milestones and expected dates of completion. Also, the Google contact sync feature helps us populate our email newsletter database is a seamless, easy way. Each time a new lead comes in, we just it automatically pre-populates the database for us.

Do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs?

Three tips:

1.     Try to be even keeled. The highs are not that high and the lows are not that low.

2.     Keep a good list of mentors handy. Sometimes you get so caught up in the day-to-day that you lose site of your mid-range and long-range goals. Mentors who have been there before can help keep you on track.

3.     Stay lean.

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