Tweet to Leads Using Zapier

Pipeline Deals' new integration with Twitter through Zapier enables you to turn tweets containing certain keywords or hashtags into leads.

By Christy Kondo, Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals. Follow her @PLDChristy

In the growing world of social sales, Twitter is a valuable tool for making connections and growing conversations. The downside is that it can be so easy to lose track of potential leads that you have a passing conversation with. I use PipelineDeals to track sales and commissions for a small custom art business. Because I generate and nurture most of my sales through Twitter, I was looking for something that would allow me to enter warm leads—people actively expressing an interest in my product rather than just people I was having a conversation with—into my PipelineDeals database without interrupting the flow of my conversations on Twitter.

 source leads from Twitter with PipelineDeals

The solution is an integration between Twitter and PipelineDeals through Zapier, which enables you to turn tweets containing certain keywords or hashtags into leads in PipelineDeals. If that sounds a little daunting to you, don’t fret—setting up a Zap on Zapier is easy to do, even if you aren’t particularly tech–savvy.

Setup your own Tweet to Leads Integration

After creating an account with Zapier, create a Zap which connects Twitter to PipelineDeals. After you select the trigger app (Twitter) and the action app (PipelineDeals), you’ll be asked to confirm your account information for each app. For PipelineDeals, it will ask for your API key, so make sure that you or your account admin enable access to the API for your account. If you’re not sure how to do that, you can find instructions here.

 Quickly set up an integration between Twitter and PipelineDeals through Zapier

Zapier will ask you to clarify specifically what kind of tweets will trigger the creation of a lead. Of course, you’ll want to start with the keyword that you’ll be triggering the tweet off of. Here, I’m using a hashtag (#HBDoodleSales) to trigger my Zap. You can trigger your tweet-to-leads off of anything you want; perhaps your company name, a product name, or certain keywords that apply to your process would make a good trigger for you.

If you want to make sure that you only capture people who are tweeting directly at you and not just anyone who tweets the things that trigger your Zap, you can add a filter that only triggers the zap when your Twitter username is mentioned. You can add additional filters to further narrow down your criteria to make sure that only pertinent tweets become leads in PipelineDeals.

 Enter your Twitter username here.

Next, you need to fill out the PipelineDeals people creation form using data gathered from the tweet. One potential issue you may run into while using tweet-to-leads is that many Twitter users don’t use their full name or even their real name on Twitter, so you will need to be creative about how you identify your Twitter leads. I found using the Twitter “Full Name” field by itself to not be very helpful, but neither was just using the username.

So when setting up this Zap, I put the “Full Name” value from Twitter as the First Name in PipelineDeals and the “username” value in as the Last Name in PipelineDeals. This does mean that I have to edit the information down once I determine what the person’s actual first and last name are, but it gives me the most identifying information on a lead possible. The “User URL” value from Twitter returns the website that the user has listed on their Twitter profile, which keeps you from having to hunt down their website information.

 match up Twitter with people in PipelineDeals

I’ve set up Twitter as one of my Source options on my Account Settings page of PipelineDeals, and I’d recommend if you are using tweet-to-leads that you do the same. As a summary of the lead, I include the full text of the tweet that triggered the lead creation as well as the date and time the tweet was created at. Using “User Profile Image URL” in the image URL field will automatically upload the person’s profile picture from Twitter as their picture in PipelineDeals.

Naturally, the Twitter “username” value is the perfect fit for the PipelineDeals Twitter Username field. You may have some custom fields that could be filled out with some of the other data Twitter offers, so I would recommend looking through what’s possible in terms of the things you can pull from Twitter to see if it matches with any of the other data that you track.

 Pull data from Twitter into PipelineDeals for effective social selling. 

Here’s an example of the Zap in action. Here is a tweet directed at the target account with the trigger hashtag:

 here's an example of the zap in action

And here is the final result in PipelineDeals:

 here's the final result with Twitter data pulled into PipelineDeals 

This allows me to keep track of those tweets which could lead to potential sales. While the contact information that Twitter provides isn’t perfect (Twitter does not let you pull the user’s email address, for example, and there is no way to make sure you’re getting the person’s real name), it’s a great place to start a conversation. By bringing that conversation into PipelineDeals, you can make sure that you never lose track of that potential sale. Combined with our powerful Automations platform, for example, you can automatically apply a task template that is specifically designed around sales originating on Twitter. The possibilities are endless.

Have you built any integrations with Zapier or itDuzzit that streamline your sales process? Got any tips or tricks on bridging PipelineDeals with other applications? Share them in the comments below!

 Christy- Customer Care Ambassador at PipelineDeals

Christy is a Customer Care Ambassador at PipelineDeals and is passionate about helping others achieve their goals. She’s also passionate about craft beer, the San Jose Sharks, and puns.

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