Drive your day with the New Morning Coffee Report

The Morning Coffee Report goes from an activity summary to an activity driver. Salespeople will have an easier time planning a productive day.

The Morning Coffee Report is finally getting a facelift. By going from an activity summary to an activity driver, salespeople should have an easier time planning a productive day.

By Jake Werlin Product Manager at PipelineDeals

Your Morning Coffee Report is finally getting a much-needed facelift! With thousands of daily subscribers, a huge number of our customers rely on this email to be more productive and efficient. Designed to help you and your team be more organized, the MCR has arrived every morning with a summary of yesterday’s activity for eight years. It has not changed much since its original launch in 2008, but you’re not going to want to miss out on the new updates. If you aren’t receiving it today, you should be.

The new MCR transforms the daily email from an activity summary to an action-driving launchpad. Readers can now use the MCR to plan their day by answering three questions:

  1. What do I have scheduled today?
  2. Which deals need follow-up first today?
  3. Which leads need my immediate attention?

And a fourth for Managers:

  1. Which of my reps do I need to follow-up with first today?

What needed improvement?

The old MCR did not present yesterday’s activity in a way that allows readers to answer the key questions above. A reader only saw up to 5 deals that were added, won or lost (and not even who is working them). He only saw a count of people added, not who was added. The simple activity tally only provided enough context to call a team meeting and demand more phone calls. Any VP of Sales worth her salt would say this is not particularly effective. Showing yesterday’s data at the summary level had very little bearing on the activity a reader needs to take today.

What changed?

In the new and improved MCR the reader is welcomed with an outline of Today’s Agenda, which provides a roadmap of the day ahead. Following close behind is PipelineDeals’ new feature: Starred Lists. Starred Lists are designed to enable Pipeliners to recognize and take action on records that need immediate attention – ‘Deals with overdue tasks,’ for example. What these records look like is up to the reader – they are your lists.

 Before and after on the morning coffee report

Following starred lists is a developed version of yesterday’s Pipeline activity. Now, up to 12 deals – instead of 5 in the old version – are shown for each category:

  • Deals Created
  • Deals Won
  • Deals Lost

Each deal is now linked to its own deal profile in PipelineDeals, enabling quick access to the activity history and other relevant information. People added has also been updated in a similar way; up to 12 people added are shown in the MCR, allowing for easy access to profile pages in the app for a deeper dive. Finally, the new MCR displays a tally of completed tasks next to a leaderboard of the top 5 task-completing users. Managers can recognize top-performers and check-in with those who aren’t putting up the same numbers. With these improvements to the MCR, readers are now better-equipped to take action straight from the Morning Coffee Report.

The new Morning Coffee Report has gone from summarizing activity to applying activity data. In doing so, we hope Pipeliners feel more in control of their sales pipeline from the minute they start their day.

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