Userlike Live Chat Service Now Integrates With PipelineDeals

At PipelineDeals, we’ve been using live chat for years to speak with visitors about our product. Live Chat on your website is a great way to engage with contacts and leads about your product or service, and it is a great way to add new leads into your sales pipeline.

We’re excited to announce that Userlike, a live chat service for your web site, is now integrated with PipelineDeals. Userlike’s integration with PipelineDeals gives you the ability to easily create a new lead in PipelineDeals from a web chat and quickly add an activity via chat to an existing person in PipelineDeals. Even better – Userlike is offering a 30% lifetime discount for PipelineDeals customers when they use the coupon code pipelinedeals478.

Userlike is a customizable chat service that your website visitors can use to chat and ask questions. Userlike can easily be customized to match your website’s look and feel, supports multiple operators, and is simple and easy to use. Set up and track goals, see how each operator is performing, and use tag and filters options to efficiently process the requests.

 Userlike appears as a chat widget on your website.
Userlike appears as a chat widget on your website.

To use the Userlike integration, you must have Userlike chat service implemented on your website. Once you have implemented Userlike on your website and enabled the integration, you can convert any chat, offline message, or chat transcript into a new contact or activity in PipelineDeals.

Simply click the “Create PipelineDeals Person” in your Userlike dashboard, or type $pipelinedeals in the chat window, and you will create a new contact. If the contact is already in your PipelineDeals account, a new activity will be added to that person’s profile.

Userlike developed a quick tutorial to demonstrate how to integrate your PipelineDeals account with Userlike. Go ahead and check it out, it will only take a couple of minutes!


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