Visualize Performance with PipelineDeals’ New Reporting Features

Introducing new reports and analytics from PipelineDeals, designed to visualize your sales performance and accelerate your strategic decision-making.

By Jake Werlin, Product Manager at PipelineDeals

Insights build confidence. Take a minute to zoom out from the day-to-day details and you can quickly identify and double down on successful strategies, catch blind spots early, and plan for the future.

PipelineDeals has all the makings of useful intel — an abundance of detailed, real-time data underlying both the execution and results of revenue teams — but has lacked a robust way to leverage it at scale for future success. Until now.

With PipelineDeals’ new reporting features, users can now ask critical questions of their performance and confidently make strategic decisions to drive their teams forward.

To build the right reporting solutions, we asked our users which questions are the most important to ask of their data when pursuing improved team performance. Over 400 customers responded with their thoughts. Among them, five questions resonated the most:

  1. How much revenue have we closed?
  2. Where are our won deals coming from?
  3. Why are we losing deals?
  4. Which deals are closing most successfully?
  5. What is forecasted to close in the future?

These five questions are the bedrock of PipelineDeals’ new reporting solutions. With access to visual insights for each, users are able to evaluate their pipeline’s performance and quickly pinpoint patterns.

Users can also take a deep dive into the data underlying the big-picture directions. You can compare results along three axes: over time, by user and by deal type. Each option provides a detailed perspective into the leaders and laggards of a team’s overall performance.

For example, users can learn which type of deal — say, Product A vs. Product B — is closing at a higher rate. Then, after discovering the winner’s most common source, they can allocate lead investment dollars, confident in a high ROI. Conclusions like these are accessible in just minutes – forget the extra hassle of exporting to another tool or analytics platform!

But it doesn’t stop there. As users take a look at revenue trends, they can learn exactly which deals constitute the peaks and valleys of their performance. The natural question we all ask when we see an abnormal spike or drop in revenue is, “Why is that?” Users are now not just aware of these extraordinary occurrences, but understand which exact deals caused them. Even more, those that are bent on fully solving the mystery can go straight to the deals’ profiles and view their activity history.

This is all designed to bring the patterns of your pipeline’s performance to your fingertips. Any user can now discover new insights faster and have a greater impact on performance.

Via the five new reports and the three lenses through which to view them, the range of questions that users can ask of their data is vast. These new reporting options provide all PipelineDeals users a tool to better understand the causes and outcomes of their team’s efforts. As a result, we believe you will feel more confident in your decisions that drive your business forward.

Excited to learn how this impacts your business? Join us for a deep dive by signing up for our Reporting webinar next week!

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