What is a CRM?

What is a CRM?  Any business that doesn’t have one should be asking this question.  

What is a CRM?  Any business that doesn’t have one should be asking this question.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management software.  The key word is what the “r” stands for: relationship.

A CRM has one goal in mind: give businesses the power to build game changing relationships. At least, that’s the way we see it.

 A CRM builds game changing relationships. A CRM builds game changing relationships.

Relationships are at the core of every business.  This may sound simple, but it’s  true. People work with and exchange ideas and services with people they like and trust. People want to work with people they can rely on. A business with the right software powering how it manages its contacts, sales process and business insight is a business that is on its way to stepping up its relationships game.

A CRM Manages Relationships

Managing relationships in business isn’t something new.  Just decades ago you knew it in its simplest form. All businesses practiced CRM concepts when sales teams jotted notes on Rolodex cards including contact information and the tasks they had accomplished that day. Later, spreadsheets stored on hard drives took over.

Business Relationships Throughout Time

Today, the game has changed. Having a reliable and smart way to keep track of client data is more important than ever.  That’s because being mobile is a part of life. In a business climate where we can’t “survive” without smart phones, business decisions need to be informed – sometimes instantaneous – to keep up with the competition.  In this fast-paced Internet of Things (IoT) world, structured and unstructured data must be kept in one place, so it can be analyzed and tracked. A CRM tackles those challenges. It’s software that has evolved since its invention to help businesses accomplish their goals and keep up with the pace.  The best CRMs are easy-to-use tools that keep automated track of business relationships by centralizing, simplifying and securing data. The best CRMs are adoptable and easy to use.

 A CRM is an investment that can lead to incredible ROI.

A CRM is an investment that can lead to incredible ROI.

At the heart of it all, answering what a CRM is quite simple. Even with its bells and whistles, software innovations, and various features a CRM is an investment. It’s an investment in the most important asset a company has: its relationships.

What is a CRM? Be Connected

As the business world becomes more competitive, a CRM continues to prove to be vital to offer insights that help companies and organizations stay connected to their customers.

That’s why in our world, a CRM is about building game changing relationships. How are you building yours?

Learn more! For more about this week’s featured blog post topic check out our page: What is a CRM?  


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