Wildcard Search: Narrowing Down the Unknown

Are you taking advantage of all the search functions in PipelineDeals? Read more to find out!

By Masha Tomkus, Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals

Wildcards can be taken in many different contexts. From defining someone with an unpredictable personality to a tennis player who is given special permission to enter a tournament late; the possibilities are endless.

When I was a kid, I applied ‘wildcard’ to an American card game by the name of “Uno.” In the game, the wild card serves as a representation of all card types, a way to wear any hat as it so fit the play.    

Using Wildcard in the Search Bar

The same idea of wearing any hat translates when using the Wildcard search within PipelineDeals. If you know what you want to search for, but cannot recall the correct spelling or first few letters, you can first type the % symbol to search for any records that have that value.

% In Action:

Perhaps you have a company that includes the suffix ‘deals’; you can type %deals into the search bar on the top right corner of the screen. Any related companies, people, and deals fitting will then populate. 

@ Symbol Discovery:

Using the @ symbol in conjunction with the % symbol will allow you to narrow down your search even farther. This way, if you know that you are seeking an email domain specifically, you do not waste your all to valuable time sorting through other values.

  • If you know you are looking for someone who works at PipelineDeals, for example, you could search %@pipelinedeals.com to find any companies or people who have that domain associated.

Searching within List Views

You can also perform a wildcard search within your list views on each of the following tabs:

  • Companies
  • Deals
  • People
  • Agenda

On the top portion of each tab, you will see headers for every column of information. If you are looking to filter any text columns, you can utilize the search box to find the exact information that you are looking for. This can be done for one column or for a combination of several. 

  • Any columns that you filter will appear in a shade of baby blue rather than the default space gray.

Sorting Columns and List Views

Regardless of what tab you are working within, there is countless information you could see within your list view. You can choose to look at more columns, for a more effective workflow, or remove some that are not pertinent to what you are currently reporting.

Managing Columns

You can select “Manage Columns” on the top right portion of screen to identify all options for columns you can add to your list. This consists of:

  • System Fields- fields we have included for you
  • Custom Fields- fields that you have created particularly for your business

This feature also has a search bar, so you can find the right fields faster.

Once you know what fields you want to add to your list, you can select the checkbox next to the name and then each column will appear. You can also remove columns from your list view, so your unnecessary information is not taking up space.

  • Note: Clicking ‘remove column’ will not remove it from PipelineDeals. It will just be eliminated from what you are currently viewing.

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