Wire Stone Digital Marketing Finds Success With PipelineDeals

Wire Stone Digital Marketing takes their daily activity up a notch by taking full advantage of PipelineDeals. 

By Erika Sommer, Content Writer at PipelineDeals

When his previous company Tenthwave Digital was bought out by Wire Stone Marketing a year ago, Global Business Director, Craig Wishner made sure they brought PipelineDeals with them.

“I made sure that we kept PipelineDeals when Wire Stone acquired us because it’s a tool I utilize and like to use. I didn’t want something I wasn’t familiar with.”

And since Wire Stone jumped on board with PipelineDeals, the company has been able to:

  • Easily transfer and analyze data.
  • Organize the team and keep them on the same track.
  • Simplify tasks and boost efficiency.

“If you don’t have a tool, or don’t have a process or approach to how you conduct your business, you’re in quicksand.” Wishner says. “You have to have some type of mechanism that keeps you embracing your different outreach … PipelineDeals does that for me.”

It’s safe to say, Wishner and Wire Stone are quite satisfied with PipelineDeals.

To read more about Wire Stone and how they utilize a CRM like PipelineDeals, check out our case study.

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