PipelineDeals Launches the Women in Tech Scholarship

What would more women in tech mean? It would be great for the women who are currently there and a boost for innovation. That’s why PipelineDeals is launching the Women in Tech Scholarship.

Women in Tech Scholarship 2019

Although more women are enrolling in college than ever before, the numbers of women entering the tech field are failing to rise. According to Adeva’s review of the State of Women in Tech, women make up 20% of engineering graduates, but only 11% percent of practicing engineers.

With multiple factors impacting female success in tech — from unfair wages to lack of mentorship to gender bias — it’s important to create space in the tech industry for the next generation of women.

That’s why our team loves this quote:

“New voices are necessary for continued innovation, and with diverse perspectives come the added potential to appeal to a broader market.”

— Lyndsey Scott, iOS Developer as quoted in Forbes

Diversity in the Tech Workplace

When women are included in tech companies and are well represented on leadership teams, everyone wins. This infographic from the National Center for Women in Information and Technology (NCWIT) showcases the impact that gender inclusivity can have on a business, including increased revenue and more customers. Having a diverse team often leads to more diverse, creative ideas, which is vital to the ever-growing tech industry and today’s customer-focussed experience.

Diversity in the workplace and empowering women in the male-dominated tech industry is very important to us at PipelineDeals. We support diversity in our workplace, and there is always an effort to fill our roles with diverse team members.

Here’s what our CEO said in our recent press release announcing the Women in Tech Scholarship.

“Our industry is overdue in fostering diversity and inclusion at tech companies across the country. The Women in Tech Scholarship Program is one small way we can continuously support future women leaders in tech. As a software company, we want to bring about positive gains for women in technology by offering encouragement that can help motivate, open doors, and support educational finances. With a focus on supporting women in tech, we can be part of a longer-term solution.”

 — JP Werlin, Co-Founder and CEO of PipelineDeals.

PipelineDeals Women in Tech Scholarship

Here are more details about the scholarship. The deserving winner will be awarded $2,500 Essay after completing an application that includes a questionnaire and essay topics. The focus of the questions and essay topics will be about women in the software industry and women in the workplace.

Essay topics:

  1. Do women have a more difficult time succeeding in the workplace? If so, how can this be changed?
  2. What are some of the challenges that women face in the software industry, and how can they be overcome?
  3. Write about a woman in the software industry or workplace who has been a role model for you.


  • Female student with a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • United States citizen
  • Enrolled (or will be enrolled) full-time in a university to study engineering, mathematics, science, computer science, or a high-tech related field.
  • Applicant must be able to provide documentation showing she meets these requirements.
  • To officially apply, the applicant must submit the application form, questionnaire, and an essay by the deadline listed below.
  • Click here to learn more.

Click here to download the application form and get more information. Feel free to share! We look forward to reading your submissions and hearing what you have to say.

** Note: The 2019 submission deadline ends 31st of August. If you won’t make it please know we will continue this scholarship each year and you can apply in 2020. Thank you.

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